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Margaret is a very accomplished speaker who found her true vocation in funeral celebrancy after more than thirty years of teaching. From personal experience she knows just how important the words spoken at a funeral are to family and friends alike. She is also very aware of the additional meaning that music and images can add to a funeral and works hard to integrate them creatively so they complement the words spoken. Margaret has considerable media experience, including appearances on major networks, and trained as a public speaker and a counsellor.


Having printed material means there is something for people to take away with them. Whether a multi-paged order of service or a simple poem card, we apply our creative magic to produce a design that reflects the personality of the deceased. Using high quality print we ensure this becomes a very positive and memorable part of the day.


Especially where a funeral is viewed as a celebration of life, there is a growing demand for funerals to be recorded in photographs and/or video. This is hardly surprising when you consider that it is one of very few occasions when so many family and friends gather together in one place. We can discretely and sensitively capture events to produce a creative record that you can distribute to those who may not have been able to attend the funeral and which you can revisit with fondness.


A Funeral Celebrant with a difference

Margaret believes that a life is something to be celebrated. At a time when a loved one has just died this can be extremely hard to focus on. Having someone to hold your hand, listen very carefully to how you would like your loved one to be remembered and bring together and deliver a fitting tribute can be an enormous help at a very difficult time.

After teaching for over thirty years, Margaret decided to direct her skills as an accomplished public speaker towards funeral celebrancy. She draws on her wide knowledge of literature, readings, poetry and music to create something truly unique for each of her clients.

Margaret is very aware of the changes which have steadily taken place in society over the years. She does not try to emulate a minister and does not restrict herself to rigid humanist principles, preferring instead to tread the middle ground where she believes many people now feel most comfortable when it comes to celebrating the life of someone they love.

As far as Margaret is concerned, anything goes. It is your celebration and she will do everything she can to make sure it feels that way on the day.

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What people are saying about Margaret
What you did for us over those days made everything so much easier and frankly more memorable for all the right reasons. I think we all made a great job of things and left everyone with tremendously positive feeling about the occasion. Quite remarkable really. In so many ways this has been an uplifting experience because it felt right and we firmly believe he would have been so happy with how it all went. All of this would have been harder to focus and achieve without all of your help as I hope we have now said, in the chapel and afterwards. Huge thanks, and I hope the occasion felt right to you too and had some strong meaning after all your thought and care.


Funeral at Accrington Crematorium
That was the most perfect tribute to Mum - I've got to say, it was actually enjoyable!


Funeral at Lothersdale Village Hall
I'd just like once again to thank you for your tremendous support over the last two weeks and for managing yesterday's ceremony brilliantly. All our family and my father's friends and neighbours who came said specifically that it was the best and most moving service and tribute they'd ever been to. Wonderful job :) ...Can't thank you enough....


Funeral at Accrington Crematorium
Just wanted to say thanks again. There were many nice comments and everyone said that you did a lovely job.


Funeral at Skipton Crematorium
...thank you not only for the running of the service itself but for your professional and sympathetic management of the process leading to it ...your own emotional involvement in the delivery of a eulogy is both touching and supportive for the bereaved.


Funeral at Accrington Crematorium beautiful and special - you created the perfect farewell.


Funeral at Oakworth Crematorium


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